Monday, September 3, 2012


Saturday we headed out to the lagoons on the west side of the island.  Easton was very cool thanks to his rash guard and trunks from Aunt ShawNee and Blake.
I wanted to take a picture of Addison and she gave me this series of impromptu poses.

What a nut!

The lagoon is my new favorite spot for a kids beach.  The rocks protect the beach water from the waves so Addison is free to go in the water on her own without being afraid of getting knocked down.

The beach is always a good place for a nap.

The little spout in the middle of this picture, in front of the rock, is Ryan.  He went snorkeling for awhile.  He said there wasn't too many fish to see.  Just the usual small reef fish.
And another nap for Easton.
This one is for Aunt ShawNee.

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  1. Yup- baby E no longer looks like Dad, he is all Big Ry! I love the picture for A ShawNee, how perfect is that....hillarious. I also see that Mini-Me was up to her usually silliness, love that kid!