Monday, November 19, 2012


Isn't this the cutest serious face.  We don't see it very often, he is usally smiling.
 Addison has started saying, "Take a picture of us together!"
 What we do before we put the toilet paper away.
Make toilet paper castles and also use them for bowling pins.  Addison thought it was a riot.
Do you see what I see?
Here's a closer look.
                                                                     And a close up!
 What fun things you can do with a little brother. 
 Ryan thought this situation had disaster written all over it.  But I thought it was a great idea and Easton didn't see to mind.
 A fedora pciture for Grandma Jodi.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's Been Spook-Tacular!

We were very busy the last two weeks.  We made paper plate Fookies (Spookies aka ghosts) to hang on the window.

Easton watched all of our craziness go down.
We ate lots of yummy halloween themed food, like ghost eggs.
Made glittered spider webs from spagehti.  On a side note, never place a food product outside unless you want all the ants in the ENTIRE crater to come to your back porch!  I put these outside to dry overnite.  I checked on them a couple hours in and I had to throw them away there was such a swarm of ants everywhere.  Yuck!
It had to be pink glitter of course.
Swamp mosters for dinner.
Look what we caught in our web!
We played a balance game on a spiderweb.  Addison, had to balance while she bent down to pick up and eat the "flies,"  chocolate macadamia nuts,  that landed in our web.
Had a spooky blue spider web bath with little monsters.
Fuzzy bugs and monster faces for lunch.
A mouse for dinner.
Pumpkins for lunch.
Stuffed Jack-o-lanters for dinner.
Carving our pumpkins.  Ryan got off easy this year, Addison picked pumpkins she could carry, so they were small and quick to scoop out and carve.
She did not like to help scoop them out.

A bath full of ghosts and put the face on the pumpkins.
Happy little pumpkin.
A spider sandwich for lunch.
Addison painted Easton's feet for a project we did.  She loved it, he didn't feel the same.
We made juice boxes into mummies with googly eyes to share with our friends.
And finally on Halloween we had a party at playgroup and went Trick-or-Treating here in the crater.  Addison loved it and walked for a solid hour and a half!
 Cute little face!
 She made out!  Dad was quick to suggest they lay all the candy out to see what she got...and sample the goods.
It was a great holiday but man am I tired.  Now onto Thanksgiving!

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Holiday Season Has Begun.

I came back from running errands one morning to find this little pink fairy walking towards our house.  Our neighbors had a garage sale and Ryan had bought two bags full of dress up clothes.  Addison was in heaven for the rest of the day.  She had so much fun trying on one costume after the other.  This little pink fairy one is her favorite.  And I was really impressed with how well Ryan had done her hair too.  I remember when my Mom had foot surgery my Dad and to drive us kids down to our friends house every morning so our friends Mom could do our hair for school.  I'm glad to have an in house stylist!  And if you think about it, it's pretty amazing that he can wrap those tiny rubber bands around her hair with those big 'ol fingers!
A hot day isn't complete without a Popsicle!
This week we started gearing up for Halloween with monster mice for lunch.  Addison ate the head first.
I was Skyping with Summer one afternoon when Addison woke up from her nap and came downstairs like this.  She told me she looked "fancy."  I had to agree, she certainly was some kind of fancy.
Addison also went through one of the most awesome rites of childhood this week.  Learning to lick the cake bowl.  It didn't take her very long to master.

We got Addison's mermaid princess costume in the mail from my Mom this week.  After a few additions it was ready for debut at our neighbors costume birthday party on Saturday.  Everyone raved it was the best mermaid costume they had seen.  They kept asking me if I made it, I wish I had those kind of skills like my Mom.  She's amazing!
We put on bronzer and watermelon lipstick and even crimped her hair to look like a mermaid.  She was in heaven!  Although, in this picture she looks out of it since it was right after she woke up from nap.
 And this little guy was quite the hit too!  People we didn't even know were taking his picture.
 And here's a close up so you can see his facial hair.  It's amazing what a mature 3month old he is!  Most 3month olds can't grow goatees that thick!

 Waiting for a turn at the pinata.
Little girls are so funny.  They were suppose to go to the back of the line to wait for another turn at the pinata.  Instead, they ran in circles screaming and whipping around their pinata strings.  The lady in the background, I know you all noticed her, came dressed as a gorilla.  Not an ideal costume with a bunch of little girls running around who don't quite have a grasp on reality and pretend.  But I think it was scarier when she took off the costume.  While taking pictures on my knees she walked in front of me and her booty was hanging out of her shorts.  Ahhh!  Much scarier!
 Watch this dance party Addison and Aurora have, while Aurora plays music on her hand clapper.

So the holiday season is upon us!  Happy Halloween.