Monday, November 19, 2012


Isn't this the cutest serious face.  We don't see it very often, he is usally smiling.
 Addison has started saying, "Take a picture of us together!"
 What we do before we put the toilet paper away.
Make toilet paper castles and also use them for bowling pins.  Addison thought it was a riot.
Do you see what I see?
Here's a closer look.
                                                                     And a close up!
 What fun things you can do with a little brother. 
 Ryan thought this situation had disaster written all over it.  But I thought it was a great idea and Easton didn't see to mind.
 A fedora pciture for Grandma Jodi.


  1. I expect him to break out in a song and dance number with that hat on!! I can't believe he is getting big so quickly. Seems like the perfect living baby doll for Addison to play with!! xxoo

  2. I'm starting to Easton's personality starting to come thru. He's got awesome eyes that say so much. Addison truly enjoys and loves him--that is wonderful. You/we are truly blessed with these little people.

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