Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Enjoying Fall

Ryan has been underway for about a month so as boat wives we planned a welcome back party for the guys. A dessert tailgate complete with lights, music, and flags. While waiting for the boat this is what I saw. A car drive straight down the boat ramp and into the water. And you know what? He didn't sink, he just kept on truckin'. He boated around for a few minutes and then... Drove back up the ramp and left. Just like no big deal. Crazy this state we live in!
My Mom made Addison's Halloween costume while she was out here visiting. Here's a preview of the little monkey.
She also discovered how tasty the tape measure was while Grandma was busy sewing.

We have been propping Addison into a standing position more lately. She gets so proud of herself when she is standing up.

And she thinks it's hilarious when she is on her knees. She has now discovered that she can finagle her way from her knees onto her bum without falling.

What a cute surprise to find in the endless laundry heap.
After dealing with chemo and hair loss I was way more than ecstatic the first day I was able to put piggies into her hair. She actually keeps them in too.

She loves to swing.

Ryan's Aunt and Uncle flew out from North Dakota to spend the weekend with us and to meet Addison. We had such a good time while they were here and did a lot of fun things. We went to the Pumpkin Patch Festival up the peninsula. The village was crowded with tons of people.

I got the obligatory roasted corn on the cob while everyone else went for the brats.
Addison having her first taste of roasted corn. And she love it.

This guy was just roaming around with a lama so we petted it.
Shopping, shopping, shopping.
Addison and her Great Uncle Jim. She took quite a liking to him and I think the same was true too.
We went to the dairy. They had animals the kids could pet.
Addison seemed more interested in them than when Ryan took her to the fair animals. We also went through the corn maze. It's huge, there's like five mazes in one. I am terrible with direction so I wasn't much help. It was a great day, and the highlight? Well, that deserves it's own post. So look for an unbelievable highlight post next!
Great Aunt Betty sharing her ice cream sandwich. They were huge and I'm pretty sure Addison wouldn't have minded having one to herself.
We also stopped in at Grandma Tommy's. They sell local food and tourist stuff. We grabbed some jerky, apple cider, and fudge! Addison would have been happy if she could have grabbed just one gumball.
They have some humungo pumpkins around the peninsula! I've only seen pumpkins this big in pictures...well until now.
My favorite type of pumpkin.
I must confess, I really like Wisconsin in the Fall. It's full of all those typical fall activities and sight we don't get in Oregon.

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  1. I LOVE the piggies. She is as cute as ever. Every single photo, that baby girl is ADORABLE! What are your plans for the big birthday coming up? I am NOT ready for him to be 1 yet, but I decided to not let myself get sad about how it has gone by way too fast.