Sunday, July 15, 2012

In preparation for baby E's arrival we have been doing some projects around here.  Addison helped me distress some charts last week.  It was a great messy project for a two year old to help with!

My Mom arrived this last Wednesday and Friday we took her to the Hale Koa, the military hotel on Waikiki.  We swam, ate on the balcony at Koko Cafe and then watched the fireworks and played in the sand.  Do you know how much better building a sandcastle is at night?

Addison had fun even out of the pool.

Saturday we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, out on the North Shore, to celebrate Mom's birthday.
Mom was excited to go!
Yes, six days until Easton arrives and I am as uncomfortable as I look. And the looks from strangers are getting a little ridiculous!
The PCC has amazing scenery!  They have the park set up in little villages, Tonga, Fiji, Hawaii, etc.
Each village has a presentation about the culture and then hands-on activities you can do from that culture.  In this village we watched them weave baskets & climb a coconut tree.
We learned how to weave palm fronds into fish toys.

We got to try out hand at making fire, Ryan was the only one to make it smoke.
Even Addison gave it a shot.
She had her first Shave Ice.
And we fished at the canal.
We ended the day with a buffet and then watched the new Ha: Breath of Life at the show.  The show was amazing!  I think I would recommend it over any lua we have been too.

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